Friday, June 25, 2010

California Beach Bums

We had a really fun time at the beach today. Cole is feeling more comfortable (as you can see from the top picture) and is loving the sand and water. Zoe is in heaven, but doesn't enjoy the salt water in her mouth!

I know it's hot in Missouri, but I was actually kind of cold at the beach! The weather is beautiful.

We built sand castles and found seashells. Even Cole was walking up and down the beach, picking up shells, and running them to Sis.

We were at Disney all day yesterday. The kids were champs! Cole was able to ride nearly every ride with us and wasn't scared at all. Here we are on "It's a Small World" which Brad renamed the most annoying ride! The song was a little cheesy, but we all had a fun time.

Zoe got her face painted and wanted to make sure Nana saw it!

This was lunch. Zoe's $6 kid's meal had the smallest hamburger I've ever seen. I think it took her 3 bites to finish!

We're still having a blast. I miss everyone, but am not ready to come back. We're going back to California Adventure tonight...this time on purpose!

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  1. It looks like so much fun!!! I think I'm changing our plans to go to Disney World, and maybe we'll do a California beach/Disney Land vacation, instead... 75-ish degrees sounds way better than 100 degrees. Zoe and Cole look like little models- I LOVE all of your pictures. Adorable!!! What a fun trip!