Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Fun

Last weekend we had dinner at Mom and Dad's with Sally, Griff, Tiffany, Micah, and Hunter. We always enjoy listening to Griff and Dad sing and play their guitars. Charity, Hunter, and I danced. Brad refused to dance with me. Cole tried to help Papa play. He's not that great of a guitar player, but he's got the "Papa look" down! He's also been really interested in writing. He writes on the furniture, his clothes, and occasionally paper. Look at how awesome his writing grip is though! He holds the pencil really well!
Last Wednesday Mom and I took Charity, Zoe, Blake, and Colton Wilson to White Water. It was so much fun! I didn't get any pictures at the park, but this was the next morning. I thought Zoe's hair summed up the fun, but exhausting trip!

Cole is still loving the water. He is fearless. It's really adorable.

Justin came to visit this weekend. We swam and played. Justin even helped me work in my classroom for a few hours on Saturday. He went back after church today. It was a good visit.

Justin and Cole had a game they would play. They would fall on the floor and then Cole would laugh really hard. Sometimes if Justin didn't cooperate Cole would go push him over!

I've had a fun summer vacation. It's going to be hard to go back to work!

Friday, August 6, 2010

VBS Week

Last week we went to Vacation Bible School at our church. Mom, Cole, and I helped Miss Charity with music. I mostly chased Cole around and Mom held Jude the entire time. It was fun spending time with friends and seeing all the kids.

Zoe really enjoyed it and seemed to learn a lot. She was in class with her friends Evanson, Jonah, and Caleb, but she decided it might be fun to have a girl she knew in her class so she invited Mia.

Of course the train was a big hit for all ages. Cole was able to ride a couple of times.I think Cole already has a girlfriend. He really seemed to like Rachel Cook!

VBS was from 9-12. Cole was good until about 11 each day. He had his share of meltdowns during the week.

He liked to relax after VBS with Blake. He thinks he's big stuff when he gets to hang out in Uncle Blake's room.
Charity had a fun time at VBS too. Her friend Garrett thinks it's his responsibility to take care of her. It's really sweet.

Cole enjoyed his ride with them in the train.

Wednesday we went to Meme's pool after VBS. We had Charity, Jonah, and Journey with us and we met Aunt Paula, Sydney, Lance, and Lance's friend there. It was a lot of kids!
They had a fun time. Thanks Meme!

Thursday afternoon Amy came to Mom's with the kids and Mallorie and Addie came too. It was a house full, but they played really well together!The VBS theme was superheroes. They sang and danced to a few songs and all looked so adorable.
Cole didn't perform...he just doesn't like being very far away from Aunt Charity.

Friday night was the performance for parents. Miss Charity told them they could dress as superheroes. Zoe, of course, came up with her outfit and put it all together herself. Then she tried to dress everyone else. Her and Marleigh decided on catwoman (well a rated G version of catwoman).

I tried to help Charity. She had a black t-shirt pinned to her back for a cape. She said my mom is going to "freak-out" when she sees my t-shirt cape. I think her mom was just happy she didn't have to try and put together a costume!

After the program they played games and got lots of prizes at the carnival. It was an exhausting week, but fun!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Springfield Cardinals Game

Zoe danced last Saturday at the Springfield Cardinals game. They did a great job, but it was hotter than a hub as Nana would say. They were so cute, but check out how hot Zoe's outfit looks. She was so excited to dance though that she hardly complained. Even though it was hot it was still more bearable than wet dog day at the last Cardinals game we went to with my family!
We had a whole section for Solomon's Dance studio and we were lucky to sit by all our friends. We had Kodi's family beside us, the Stewarts and Hilburns behind us, and the Solomon's and Chesnuts behind them.

I'm not going to lie, I was ready to leave in the 2nd inning. I was sweating so much that my thighs were sliding around in my seat, Cole was crabby and breaking out in a heat rash, and we had spent over $10 on only 3 bottles of water. Cody (Hilburn) talked me into staying, promising me that it would get better after the sun went down.

I was really glad I stayed. After the sun went down Cole turned into a different kid. He was laughing and having a great time and I loved visiting with all my friends. I didn't see any of the game, but I did get to witness Cody catching a foul ball. It was the best catch of the whole came!

In an attempt to help Cole cool off I took off his shirt (he wanted to take his pants off too, but I drew the line). He looked like the drunk college guys in general admission.

Zoe had a fun time with her friends too and after the game we spent the night in Springfield. The best part was that the Stewarts and Solomons stayed too! We swam and hung out until about 1 a.m. then got up ate breakfast and swam again.

It was a great and exhausting weekend. We had a fun time with great friends.