Monday, August 2, 2010

Springfield Cardinals Game

Zoe danced last Saturday at the Springfield Cardinals game. They did a great job, but it was hotter than a hub as Nana would say. They were so cute, but check out how hot Zoe's outfit looks. She was so excited to dance though that she hardly complained. Even though it was hot it was still more bearable than wet dog day at the last Cardinals game we went to with my family!
We had a whole section for Solomon's Dance studio and we were lucky to sit by all our friends. We had Kodi's family beside us, the Stewarts and Hilburns behind us, and the Solomon's and Chesnuts behind them.

I'm not going to lie, I was ready to leave in the 2nd inning. I was sweating so much that my thighs were sliding around in my seat, Cole was crabby and breaking out in a heat rash, and we had spent over $10 on only 3 bottles of water. Cody (Hilburn) talked me into staying, promising me that it would get better after the sun went down.

I was really glad I stayed. After the sun went down Cole turned into a different kid. He was laughing and having a great time and I loved visiting with all my friends. I didn't see any of the game, but I did get to witness Cody catching a foul ball. It was the best catch of the whole came!

In an attempt to help Cole cool off I took off his shirt (he wanted to take his pants off too, but I drew the line). He looked like the drunk college guys in general admission.

Zoe had a fun time with her friends too and after the game we spent the night in Springfield. The best part was that the Stewarts and Solomons stayed too! We swam and hung out until about 1 a.m. then got up ate breakfast and swam again.

It was a great and exhausting weekend. We had a fun time with great friends.

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I wish I could've seen Zoe dance on the field! Next year we are definitely going back to a game, just not on wet dog day.