Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Will They Think of Next?

I've told you before that the girls have wonderful imaginations. This might top it! Addie and Zoe worked all morning to disguise themselves as "new neighbors". They honestly thought they could trick our next door neighbor, Rhonda. They put on white face paint and red lipstick. They fixed Addie up to look like the brother. Zoe wore a dress that Rhonda had never seen her wear before for her disguise and Addie fixed her hair. The best part was that they thought they looked Mexican and practiced speaking with an accent (their accent sounded more like a New York gangster). Once they felt like they had their story together they went to trick Rhonda. I called Rhonda to give her a heads up and to tell her to play along. They felt successful and I got a good laugh. This is Cole showing his muscles. The cutest part about it is the face he makes!When Charity gets sad Cole feels like it is his job to cheer her up. She is his favorite person and he really doesn't like to see her upset. He tries to make her laugh and climbs all over her.
He doesn't give up...

and eventually it works!

Charity, Addie, and Zoe played all day. First they made a bunch of art stuff and then went outside to try and sell it to anyone who might drive by. It got hot fast though and they came back inside.

Then they came up with the creative idea to play "airplane". They set up chairs to look like an airplane, made tickets, seatbelts, and a snacks and beverages cart. Charity was the passenger and even packed her luggage and waited at the airport. Addie was the pilot and said things like, "We are at 45 feet, it is now safe to turn on your cell phones and ipod".

Zoe was the stewardess and charged $5 for a small pack of gummies.

They had an in-flight movie and enjoyed their snacks and beverages. Even Cole thought this was fun to play.

Pretty soon they recruited the other neighbor girls and their cousins to fly with them.

They had a fun time.

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