Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Saturday we started the day at the big Seneca parade. It was fun seeing all our friends there. Marsha and Kerstin and Rob, Jen, and Kaitlyn even came. Cole was pretty attached to his Papa the entire parade. Since the parade is mostly cars and horses he loved it!
Cole got a sucker from the parade but didn't like the flavor so he kept shoving it in Dad's mouth.

Cole looks annoyed in every picture I take of him, usually because he is annoyed. He doesn't have a very friendly personality.

Saturday afternoon we went to Meme's house. The kids swam (in the rain) and Eldon grilled. It was great to have everyone there together. Cole loved Lance. He followed him around and tried to play with him.

Cole liked the fireworks and Zoe and Lance even lit some. Our favorite firework was the big one at the end called the "Big Bad Mother-in-Law". I called it the big bad Pat Smith.

Sunday we spent some more time at Pat's with Rob and Marsha's family. After that we went to Nana's to celebrate Blake's birthday. When we got home the neighbors were shooting fireworks. My favorite was the strobe light. Every time they lit one all the girls (including me) would get around it and dance. It was fun.

Cole is warming up to our neighbor Will. That's Avery with him. She was our neighbor at the other Seneca house. Isn't she adorable!?!

Last night we went and watched Blake play. This is Blake imitating Cole and his grumpy face.

Cole watched some of the game. Blake is on first and Dad is next to him.
Cole was in a much better mood once he got some chocolate!

It was a really fun weekend.

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