Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Will They Think of Next?

I've told you before that the girls have wonderful imaginations. This might top it! Addie and Zoe worked all morning to disguise themselves as "new neighbors". They honestly thought they could trick our next door neighbor, Rhonda. They put on white face paint and red lipstick. They fixed Addie up to look like the brother. Zoe wore a dress that Rhonda had never seen her wear before for her disguise and Addie fixed her hair. The best part was that they thought they looked Mexican and practiced speaking with an accent (their accent sounded more like a New York gangster). Once they felt like they had their story together they went to trick Rhonda. I called Rhonda to give her a heads up and to tell her to play along. They felt successful and I got a good laugh. This is Cole showing his muscles. The cutest part about it is the face he makes!When Charity gets sad Cole feels like it is his job to cheer her up. She is his favorite person and he really doesn't like to see her upset. He tries to make her laugh and climbs all over her.
He doesn't give up...

and eventually it works!

Charity, Addie, and Zoe played all day. First they made a bunch of art stuff and then went outside to try and sell it to anyone who might drive by. It got hot fast though and they came back inside.

Then they came up with the creative idea to play "airplane". They set up chairs to look like an airplane, made tickets, seatbelts, and a snacks and beverages cart. Charity was the passenger and even packed her luggage and waited at the airport. Addie was the pilot and said things like, "We are at 45 feet, it is now safe to turn on your cell phones and ipod".

Zoe was the stewardess and charged $5 for a small pack of gummies.

They had an in-flight movie and enjoyed their snacks and beverages. Even Cole thought this was fun to play.

Pretty soon they recruited the other neighbor girls and their cousins to fly with them.

They had a fun time.

Cole Loves to Swim

Cole loves the water. He goes down the slide (even backwards) and jumps off the side.It's pretty exhausting for the person in the water (this day it was my dad) because you have to constantly watch him. He gives a little warning before he jumps. He tries to say "1, 2, 3" before flying in, even though he's hard to understand. It doesn't bother him to go under or get water in his face. He LOVES it!

He liked going down the slide, but it was cute because his little face got nervous about half way down. He saw Bomber going down backwards so of course he decided to try.
The best thing about the pool is that he usually takes a pretty good nap after he swims!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Up To No Good...and Having a Blast!

Cole was really excited to go see Brewer today. Yesterday, they were really quiet in Dad's library room so we knew they were up to something. When I went down there they each had a couple of cords and were trying to plug them back into the T.V.
For some reason Cole continues to pull Brewer's hair. He usually isn't even mad, I guess Brewer's hair is just too tempting. Why Brewer doesn't knock the crap out of him I don't know.

It's the same thing over and over. Cole pulls Brewer's hair, I slap Cole's wrist, Cole cries, and Brewer hugs and kisses him.Aunt Sue and Papa Boots came to see the kids Sunday. Sue opened up the doors to her car to allow it to cool down a little and the next thing we know the boys are trying to hijack it.They both adore their Papa. Here they are kissing him.We've been having a blast hanging out together.

It was nice visiting with Grandpa Boots. He is such a neat guy. I love him so much.

Hadley is the best little baby. We passed her around and gave her lots of lovin'.

We had some extra visitors today.
Hunter and Tiffany came to play this morning. Hunter had a good time with the boys.

Bomber was turning on the charm with Tiffany. He talked with her and showed off his intelligence. She was impressed.

Sometimes the Hodge boys come on a little strong. They aren't shy about handing out hugs and kisses.

Taya came this afternoon. Hayden and Taya took turns on the swing and they all played "Best Friends Rockband" this afternoon. It was loud.
I thought it was funny because Hayden hasn't really cared a lot about what she looks like while at Nana and Papa's...until Taya came. When I asked to take this picture of the two of them she looked at Taya (who always looks cute and put together) and asks me, "Do I have anything on my face?"

We had a fun day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. Hopefully Brewer will leave Seneca without a bunch of bald spots.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Mark and Michelle came for a quick visit. They decided yesterday to come for a weekend visit and are leaving the 3 oldest kids here for a few extra days. Brewer and Cole are so funny together. Sometimes Brewer comes on a little too strong for Cole. Cole has a strong personality (he gets upset easily) and Brewer thinks he can fix it with a hug and kiss. Cole got a lot of hugs and kisses!At lunch Michelle told Brewer that if he wanted to go swimming he needed to eat. When Michelle left the room Brewer started putting his food on Cole's tray and even tried to shove it in his mouth. Very clever!! When Cole got tired he started pulling Brewer's hair. I'm not sure why he does this but Brewer doesn't even scream or try to get him back. It was frustrating to me though.
Blake didn't really help because he wanted them to fight. He would laugh and encourage them. Charity and Papa tried to love on Cole and distract him so he wouldn't get in trouble. It did help. I thought these pictures of the Hodge kids were hilarious. Check out their puckered lips in each picture! Maybe they'll be supermodels.

Steph took newborn pictures of baby Hadley and they are going to be adorable. For some strange reason I didn't get any pics of Hadley today. She is way cute and very easygoing. I'll get a picture of her tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play All Day

We have treated the entire summer like a huge vacation. We've really done nothing but play everyday. We are blessed with a wonderful neighborhood. The Kings have 2 girls and the Beale's have 2 girls and they are all around the same age. They play everyday together. They are very imaginative. Lots of times they dress up in costumes and put together a whole recital where they sing and dance (none of them are shy). They also set up seats for the parents to come watch and of course we do laughing and videotaping the entire time. They've even been know to dance on the driveway. One evening after Tiffany and I walked she was forced to watch a driveway dance! Some days they have a car wash. They get out all their supplies and stand on the side of the road and yell car wash to anyone who drives by. Unfortunately we live on a street that doesn't see much traffic. One day they washed Will's car, both our cars, and Brad's lawnmower. They also sometimes play doctor and school. They have a really good time no matter what they are doing.

This is one of the shows at the Beale's. No, Cole didn't fall to the ground. He's breakdancing. He jumps up and down a bunch of times then falls to the ground and rolls around. Zoe thinks he needs dance lessons. He wasn't a part of the original choreography.

This is the girls and Cole doing a dance on the Wii.
Tiffany and Micah Griffin came over for dinner a few nights ago and Cole loved their 3 year old boy, Hunter. A couple of days later I noticed Cole standing in his police car, falling out and then laughing. He was copying Hunter. Thank goodness! He needs some boy time. Between the neighbor girls and Taya he usually just pushes baby strollers and dances to Justin Bieber. Yikes!This is Marleigh and Zoe dressed in their doctor gear. Not sure why they are wearing 3D glasses.We swim a lot at Nana's too. Cole has even starting enjoying the water. All he wants to do though is climb up the ladder and jump into the pool. He repeats this over and over until I'm tired. He will jump in, go under, and then I'll pull him up. I don't ever have pictures of him swimming though because I have to watch him every second. I'll try to get someone else to take pictures of him. It's really cute. I really don't know if I can go back to school. We have had a blast this summer.