Monday, July 26, 2010

Up To No Good...and Having a Blast!

Cole was really excited to go see Brewer today. Yesterday, they were really quiet in Dad's library room so we knew they were up to something. When I went down there they each had a couple of cords and were trying to plug them back into the T.V.
For some reason Cole continues to pull Brewer's hair. He usually isn't even mad, I guess Brewer's hair is just too tempting. Why Brewer doesn't knock the crap out of him I don't know.

It's the same thing over and over. Cole pulls Brewer's hair, I slap Cole's wrist, Cole cries, and Brewer hugs and kisses him.Aunt Sue and Papa Boots came to see the kids Sunday. Sue opened up the doors to her car to allow it to cool down a little and the next thing we know the boys are trying to hijack it.They both adore their Papa. Here they are kissing him.We've been having a blast hanging out together.

It was nice visiting with Grandpa Boots. He is such a neat guy. I love him so much.

Hadley is the best little baby. We passed her around and gave her lots of lovin'.

We had some extra visitors today.
Hunter and Tiffany came to play this morning. Hunter had a good time with the boys.

Bomber was turning on the charm with Tiffany. He talked with her and showed off his intelligence. She was impressed.

Sometimes the Hodge boys come on a little strong. They aren't shy about handing out hugs and kisses.

Taya came this afternoon. Hayden and Taya took turns on the swing and they all played "Best Friends Rockband" this afternoon. It was loud.
I thought it was funny because Hayden hasn't really cared a lot about what she looks like while at Nana and Papa's...until Taya came. When I asked to take this picture of the two of them she looked at Taya (who always looks cute and put together) and asks me, "Do I have anything on my face?"

We had a fun day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store. Hopefully Brewer will leave Seneca without a bunch of bald spots.

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  1. I heard there will be no more photos, because the Hodge kids look too dirty. That's funny.

    I can't believe Hayden was concerned about having something on her face. Wow. Maybe that's a sign of maturity (or something). I'm glad Taya brings that out in her.

    How ironic that my sons hand out kisses left and right... yet my husband was so slow to attempt to kiss me, when we had just started dating, that I was convinced (because I'm egotistical) that he must have been gay. Strange.

    We are LOVING the vacation. I hope my kids aren't exhausting you or your parents too much.