Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play All Day

We have treated the entire summer like a huge vacation. We've really done nothing but play everyday. We are blessed with a wonderful neighborhood. The Kings have 2 girls and the Beale's have 2 girls and they are all around the same age. They play everyday together. They are very imaginative. Lots of times they dress up in costumes and put together a whole recital where they sing and dance (none of them are shy). They also set up seats for the parents to come watch and of course we do laughing and videotaping the entire time. They've even been know to dance on the driveway. One evening after Tiffany and I walked she was forced to watch a driveway dance! Some days they have a car wash. They get out all their supplies and stand on the side of the road and yell car wash to anyone who drives by. Unfortunately we live on a street that doesn't see much traffic. One day they washed Will's car, both our cars, and Brad's lawnmower. They also sometimes play doctor and school. They have a really good time no matter what they are doing.

This is one of the shows at the Beale's. No, Cole didn't fall to the ground. He's breakdancing. He jumps up and down a bunch of times then falls to the ground and rolls around. Zoe thinks he needs dance lessons. He wasn't a part of the original choreography.

This is the girls and Cole doing a dance on the Wii.
Tiffany and Micah Griffin came over for dinner a few nights ago and Cole loved their 3 year old boy, Hunter. A couple of days later I noticed Cole standing in his police car, falling out and then laughing. He was copying Hunter. Thank goodness! He needs some boy time. Between the neighbor girls and Taya he usually just pushes baby strollers and dances to Justin Bieber. Yikes!This is Marleigh and Zoe dressed in their doctor gear. Not sure why they are wearing 3D glasses.We swim a lot at Nana's too. Cole has even starting enjoying the water. All he wants to do though is climb up the ladder and jump into the pool. He repeats this over and over until I'm tired. He will jump in, go under, and then I'll pull him up. I don't ever have pictures of him swimming though because I have to watch him every second. I'll try to get someone else to take pictures of him. It's really cute. I really don't know if I can go back to school. We have had a blast this summer.


  1. Summer is the best! I'm jealous of your neighborhood. I wouldn't let Hayden anywhere NEAR our neighbors... we've got the divorcee who sports the sports bra in March- to signal the beginning of spring... then there's the pillhead next door, who thought your 60-year-old Aunt Sue was ME, then there's the seemingly nice couple next door... who have their own grandkids... only the wife gets carted off to the mental hospital once or twice a year when she goes off her meds... oh, and let us not forget the registered sex offender down the street, the kid with six toes (Will), and the kamikaze (crazy Asian, as Bud calls him) who rides his bike down the CENTER of the street into oncoming traffic. I think we might need to build a privacy fence in our FRONT yard. I'm glad Zoe has GOOD neighbors.

  2. Michelle- Wow! I had NO idea that you live on a street like we did before we moved! Like you, we had a seemingly nice older couple across the street. One day, the woman told me I started a war with her and ran at me with a rake in her hand. She would put her lawn chair in the road facing our house and stare at our house for hours. When we had guests over, she would scream and cuss them out. They had a little weinie dog that came over in our yard. She was so mad at that little dog for befriending the enemy that we think she killed it. We never saw Levi again. Then we had another female neighbor who enjoyed being with men that peed on her home. I seriously saw 2 of her boyfriends urinating on the house!! The cops were at their house every other day. Once we even saw them trying to cut down a huge tree in their front yard. They were completely drunk, because who isn't at 10 am, and I was certain the tree was going to fall on one of them or the house. So.....we filmed it. Luckily, the tree landed in the road. Then, we got to watch them try to pull the tree out of the road with a Geo Metro. That same guy stole a check out of our mailbox, lifted the ink, and forged it to Walmart. There are MANY more stories but these are my favorites-

  3. Tiffany- can't you post that tree/Geo Metro incident on YouTube? That sounds like something I'd want to watch! Seriously!

  4. Of course I will! The video stops after the tree falls so we missed them moving it, which was the best part.Micah will have to do it (I have NO idea how). He gets home this weekend and I will try to send it to you! Actually, maybe we can put all of our clips together for you! I love your kids, by the way!