Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kissing Cousins

Mark and Michelle came for a quick visit. They decided yesterday to come for a weekend visit and are leaving the 3 oldest kids here for a few extra days. Brewer and Cole are so funny together. Sometimes Brewer comes on a little too strong for Cole. Cole has a strong personality (he gets upset easily) and Brewer thinks he can fix it with a hug and kiss. Cole got a lot of hugs and kisses!At lunch Michelle told Brewer that if he wanted to go swimming he needed to eat. When Michelle left the room Brewer started putting his food on Cole's tray and even tried to shove it in his mouth. Very clever!! When Cole got tired he started pulling Brewer's hair. I'm not sure why he does this but Brewer doesn't even scream or try to get him back. It was frustrating to me though.
Blake didn't really help because he wanted them to fight. He would laugh and encourage them. Charity and Papa tried to love on Cole and distract him so he wouldn't get in trouble. It did help. I thought these pictures of the Hodge kids were hilarious. Check out their puckered lips in each picture! Maybe they'll be supermodels.

Steph took newborn pictures of baby Hadley and they are going to be adorable. For some strange reason I didn't get any pics of Hadley today. She is way cute and very easygoing. I'll get a picture of her tomorrow!

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