Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Fun

Last weekend we had dinner at Mom and Dad's with Sally, Griff, Tiffany, Micah, and Hunter. We always enjoy listening to Griff and Dad sing and play their guitars. Charity, Hunter, and I danced. Brad refused to dance with me. Cole tried to help Papa play. He's not that great of a guitar player, but he's got the "Papa look" down! He's also been really interested in writing. He writes on the furniture, his clothes, and occasionally paper. Look at how awesome his writing grip is though! He holds the pencil really well!
Last Wednesday Mom and I took Charity, Zoe, Blake, and Colton Wilson to White Water. It was so much fun! I didn't get any pictures at the park, but this was the next morning. I thought Zoe's hair summed up the fun, but exhausting trip!

Cole is still loving the water. He is fearless. It's really adorable.

Justin came to visit this weekend. We swam and played. Justin even helped me work in my classroom for a few hours on Saturday. He went back after church today. It was a good visit.

Justin and Cole had a game they would play. They would fall on the floor and then Cole would laugh really hard. Sometimes if Justin didn't cooperate Cole would go push him over!

I've had a fun summer vacation. It's going to be hard to go back to work!

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