Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun With the Hodges

 Mark and Michelle and Hadley went to look at houses in Tulsa last weekend (I'm so excited they're moving there) so Mom and Dad had the 3 oldest. 
 We had lots of fun.  Hayden and Charity went to watch Zoe perform Friday night at the football game.
 Hayden joined in the fun and decided she loved stunting.  Zoe says she's really light!

 Cole was always excited to see Brewer, but for some weird reason he still pulls his hair.  Poor Brewer!

 Nana gave them a couple of cookies to enjoy.

 We went to Blake's game on Saturday.  This is Bomber and yes he has 2 black eyes and no, he didn't get them with us!
 Cole and Brewer were friends at the game.

  After the game we went to the elementary school to play.  Nana and I wore out before the kids did.

 We got to have a quick visit with Hadley and Mark and Michelle when they came back through to get the kids.  Isn't Hadley SOOO cute!?
 Brewer was excited to see his sister, but I'm not sure Hadley felt the same!

What a fun weekend.  Maybe when they move closer we'll get more great weekends!

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