Friday, November 5, 2010

Mega Cute

 Solomon's Dance Studio performed for the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser at the movie theater. This year the movie was Megamind.  Zoe was a super villan.  The dance was really cute!
 Cole was everywhere.  Luckily Brad chased him around the theater.
 Nana and Aunt Sue came to watch.  Mema and Papa Eldon are coming Saturday.
 This is the superhero that Zoe danced with.  They "fought" throughout the dance.
 We took lots of pictures and the girls even got to be on the local news.

 They practiced in their costumes Wednesday night.

 Addie was a huge help and entertained Cole the entire afternoon.  He adored her!

 Zoe loved dancing and hanging out with her friends.  They perform again Saturday morning and then get to go watch the movie in their pajamas!

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  1. Fun!!! Zoe looks so cute. I'm so excited that I can finally come watch this next year!!! Yay!!!